Practicial traning

This is Liu Lianzhe, I did practical training for Rongji (Wuhan) Financial Service Co., Ltd. Actually, it was not the first time for me to work for this company, the reason why I chose this company again is that I want to be a financial marketing planner this time.  The main responsibilities of financial marketing […]

Practical training in India

Autumn 2018, Zemskova Emiliia Please, imagine a situation that one young girl (19 year old) is in India. She doesn’t meet any European, American or Russian people for 2 months. She lives with just spicy and chilly food. Everywhere is messy and dirty. She needs to be strong in order to built relationship with the […]

Internship Experience

My way of finding my internship was very organic. I’m from Canada, it was nearing Summer holidays 2018, and I was faced with two options. These were either I return home for the Summer where I knew everything and would likely go back to my same previous Summer job doing the same work, seeing the […]