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JAMKin johtoryhmä kirjoittaa näkemyksiään ajankohtaisista aiheista JAMK2030-blogissa. Aiheina mm. digitalisaatio ja alueen oppilaitosten EduFutura-yhteistyö.

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The Preparation hassling

    Today, I am going to introduce you what I did after I got the acceptance from Victoria University! After the confirmation of exchange studies, I got a lot of PDF files from the Victoria University, which were full of information what to do next. Also with a little googling you will find everything...

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Seals, mud, exhaustion

Tervetuloa blogiinni Hi there, welcome to my blog again. It’s been an interesting journey to write about my adventures here in Finland. This blog I’ll try to be a little more funny and not too serious. School simply continues anyway, there’s not too much going on there. However, the past weeks there have occurred several...

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