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Minkälaista on opiskelijan arki? Miten yhdistää urheilu-ura ja opiskelu? Minkälaista on lähteä takaisin opiskelemaan pitkän tauon jälkeen?

Opiskelijaelämää-blogin kirjoittajat ovat JAMKin opiskelijoita eri aloilta.

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When you don't have the words

As my past post was about communication between the nurses and other staff, I thought I could make this one about communication between a nurse and the patient.   I’ve had some previous encounters with patients that needed more effort from me with the communication. For example demented patients, children or language barriers. I even...

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Implication possibilities of grass fibre in Finland

Implication of grass fibre is possible in Finland. This is because Finland has a very intensive and large forest industry, where the pulp and paper industry takes about 2/3rd of the total forest industry. Wood products industry only takes 1/3rd for its account. The pulp and paper industry manufactures paper, pulp, converted paper products and...

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