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Freezing greetings! The time in Hancock has flew by doing various things. School has a lot of homework after every class, so time has gone with doing them, my thesis and the most unexpected thing, sports. In Finlandia there are 8 sports totals: Soccer W+M, Football M, Ice Hockey W+M,Softball, Baseball, Cross country W+M, Volleyball...

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Internships in Europe for Business and Tourism/Restaurant

3862 – HR and marketing assistant 3825 – (Y.S.) Paid Market Intelligence Internship position in Barcelona 3669 – Entertainment Internship on the Spanish Coast- 100 euros/month with accommodation and food 3652 – Finance and Accounting Internship in an E-commerce company in Alicante 3646 – Animation and Social Media Internship in Granada 3613 – French speaker...

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