Terms of Use


The blogs published on the blog platform of Jamk University of Applied Sciences (hereinafter Jamk) are public and thereby contribute to and affect Jamk’s image.

The following Terms of Use apply to the blogs published on Jamk’s blog platform.  By ordering a blog account, the blogger accepts the Terms of Use. The parties shall agree to cooperate with each other to solve any problem situations that could not be foreseen when the Terms of Use were being compiled.

Purpose of the Blogs

The Blog Service is a platform for the professional blogs of Jamk’s personnel and students on topics that are connected with Jamk’s activities. The purpose of the blogs is to strengthen Jamk’s expertise, create networks and raise discussion.

The Service shall not be used to publish ideological, political, or religious contents.

Terms of Use, Legislation and Netiquette

The blogs are subject to the same laws that generally apply to society.

The blogs maintained on Jamk’s server are subject to Jamk Network Usage Rules 2014 .

Netiquette is an unofficial set of social conventions that facilitate interaction over networks.   Further information on netiquette is available at e.g. http://www.tietoturvaopas.fi/en/index/perusohjeet/netiketti.html.

JAMK’s Ethical Principles

Apart from Jamk’s values (responsibility, trust, creativity),  Jamk’s ethical principles also apply to behaviour in the social media.

According to Sections 8 and 9 of Jamk’s ethical principles, each Jamk student and staff member shall behave in an appropriate and ethically sustainable way, showing respect for others in all the activities and in all environments, including social media.


In Finland, the copyright period covers the lifetime of the creator of the work and 70 years after his/her death. During this time, the work cannot be used without permission. The work of performing artists is protected for  50 years (Copyrights and related rights). This means that an artistic performance (concert, play) cannot not be saved or published without the permission of the artist.

Blogs are subject to the same copyright laws that generally apply to society.  The fact that a text or an image is easy to copy, manipulate and republish is no justification for breaking copyright laws. Copyrights are valid, even if there is not copyright sign on e.g. a website.


Commenting on blogs is open to everyone. Finnish law and good manners should, however, be observed in discussions. Advertisements and announcements have no place in blog discussions.

We reserve the right to remove unacceptable statements and links and we are not responsible for claims/opinions put forward by third parties in discussions, wall posts and comments, or for links or consequences arising from these.

Legal Notice

Jamk may use the contents of the blogs published on Jamk’s blog platform in the communications, marketing and publishing activities of JAMK and its partners on all publishing platforms and in all digital information networks and services. When used for the above purposes, contents of the blog may also be supplied to third parties. The blogger may prohibit the use of the contents of his/her blog when ordering a blog account.

The blogs and posts published on Jamk’s blog platform represent the personal views of the bloggers.  The bloggers are responsible for the contents of their blogs. They publish and moderate the comments, and, if necessary, remove the inappropriate comments. The Administrator of the blog platform shall have the right to remove any appropriate text, comment, image or other material and shut down the blog.

As the service provider, Jamk has the right to change, define and update the Terms of Use. In case the changes are significant, we will provide a notice to users and ask them to accept the changes separately. However, otherwise the users are bound to the version of terms which is valid at each time they use the service.

Please report any material that breaks the Finnish law or is otherwise unethical to blogit@jamk.fi.