Being a marketing manager in AIESEC during the pandemic by Vladislav Gomankov

AIESEC is the international student-run organisation, which was found after the WW 2 to unite European countries through international volunteer programmes. The main goal of the organisation is to implement intercultural exchange of students to show them the difference of the cultures and people. For me personally, AIESEC became a place of working and studying […]

Being part of Finnish-based event team in Yläkaupungin Yö Ry by Anna Zhuravleva

By the time I have started my practical training in Yläkaupungin Yö I have already had an experience of working in the Finnish-based association. Nevertheless, it has opened for me a lot of new horizons and abilities. My internship in this association have also shown me that there is always room for improvements and helped […]

Doing a Marketing and Communications for a Saas Business during pandemic by Lotta Lehtinen

I completed my practical training at EnerKey. I did the practical training remotely, but possibly because EnerKey is a SaaS company and were experienced having trainees, they made my training truly an educational experience and were well equipped for working remotely. I was offered an opportunity to complete various relevant courses from HubSpot academy, Google Digital Garage and Hootsuite Academy that all contributed well to my learning experience and are valuable to me going forward. Alongside the courses I started […]