Doing a Marketing and Communications for a Saas Business during pandemic by Lotta Lehtinen

I completed my practical training at EnerKey. I did the practical training remotely, but possibly because EnerKey is a SaaS company and were experienced having trainees, they made my training truly an educational experience and were well equipped for working remotelyI was offered an opportunity to complete various relevant courses from HubSpot academy, Google Digital Garage and Hootsuite Academy that all contributed well to my learning experience and are valuable to me going forward.

Alongside the courses I started to work on tasks related to marketing and communications. I helped with tasks such as proofreading, writing content, translations, and editing texts. I wrote customer reference lists, blog post and proofread and translated other people’s blogposts. I had an assistant job helping with webinars and creating visual marketing content using tools such as Canva. As my biggest project I created a proposal for EnerKey’s future social media marketing plan, which I also presented for the whole company, and to my luck it was extremely well received. My job also included things such as helping with their then ongoing website renewal by mapping out the old website. I also practiced using WordPress by designing a landing page and publishing translations to existing sites on the platform. 

The used tools consisted of Office 265, Teams, WordPress, Hootsuite, Active Campaign, Canva, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to name a few. 

All and all, I was pleasantly surprised to get to work in a company and at tasks that I had hoped for. Everything went smoothly regardless of the pandemic, and the experience was highly educational even when working remotely. I am glad to continue as an employee in the same company for the up and comping Spring of 2021, and my experience at EnerKey will surely be an asset to me in my later career. 

Author: Lotta Lehtinen