Practical training blog text by Katerina Stoeva

My name is Katerina and this is my practical training journey. It all happened here, in Finland, at three different organisations.  The first one is at the Finnish Red Cross and that’s my longest experience, lasting 2,5 years. It gave me the wonderful opportunity to gain valuable skills while helping people in need all over […]

2 in 1: Studying and Working at JAMK simultaneously by Anastasiia Mikhlina

Place where I was lucky to work for 7 months probably needs no introduction. I have completed my practical training at JAMK University of Applied Sciences, in School of Business department. Everything was beyond my expectations, from friendly and highly professional colleagues to interesting and diverse tasks. This internship allowed me to learn about International […]

Blog text for Practical Training 2021 by Lee Nara

안녕하세요! Hi, guys. I am Nara Lee who is from South Korea. I completed practical training in Korea, I’d like to share my work experiences. I taught kids English for months. Working in the company was great, I love living in South Korea, and there were a lot of things that I earned from the […]

Discovering the Wedding Industry by Anna Zhuravleva

From January 2021 I had an amazing experience of working for the local bridal wear store – Wedding Garage. At first, when applying to the practical training in the bridal store, to be honest, I didn’t know what to expect and what, as a trainee, I could offer to this place. However, after I have […]

PT In Aitovire By Janne Maja

I completed my practical training in a start-up company called Aitovire that was formed in 2019. They are located in Tampere but have business all around Finland. The company consists of two friends who came up with a business idea and made it real. Both have worked in big companies for a long time and […]