2 in 1: Studying and Working at JAMK simultaneously by Anastasiia Mikhlina

Place where I was lucky to work for 7 months probably needs no introduction. I have completed my practical training at JAMK University of Applied Sciences, in School of Business department. Everything was beyond my expectations, from friendly and highly professional colleagues to interesting and diverse tasks. This internship allowed me to learn about International Business degree programme from inside out, also about JAMK both as educational institution and Finnish yet so multinational organization.

Frankly speaking, I didn’t have any expectations from my PT. However, during these months I have been busy with all sorts of tasks, and days have never been boring. Despite of the corona, I have met many brilliant people, who were always there to help, answer my millionth question and guide me through the process. JAMK’s atmosphere is very open-minded, friendly and change-positive.

My internship provided me with interesting tasks of all sorts, in brief “doing little bit of everything”. First 3 months were focused around preparing everything for the EFMD accreditation process, which went great. Days were filled with tasks like data analysis and collection, documentation preparation and other administrative duties. Then, tasks related to incoming exchange students and later summer school students, e.g., preparing documents, communicating with internal & external connections, preparing certificates, conducting surveys, organizing meetings and many more.

I have developed many soft skills such as communication, self-discipline, teamwork, problem-solving, analytical thinking and of course time management. I have also developed hard skills such as MICROSOFT OFFICE applications and other IT systems. Finally, I had a chance to develop myself as an employee in Finnish organization and develop my Finnish language skills.

I have been lucky to become a part of IB family and I will cherish these memories. Besides working in the same team, we had a great time talking to each other over a cup of coffee (or tea), we went to a picnic by the lake and certainly ate a lot of chocolate J. If you are ambitious and hard-working, I would definitely recommend JAMK as an internship place.

If any of IB family members read this, THANK YOU SO MUCH ❤️

Author: Anastasiia Mikhlina