After practical training blog

During my time as a student of JAMK I learned about different spheres in business context and I felt like an internship would give me a better insight about how the real world could be. Choosing the place for the internship was difficult since there was different options and I had an ideal about what […]

Practical training in Lithuania

I made a decision to dedicate the summer of 2019 for enriching my knowledge in business field with practical trainings. When it came to choosing the company, one of my priorities was the company being international. And, since I knew that sometimes it could be difficult to find a job without knowing the local language, […]

Internship at Liveto

Liveto is a Finnish event ticketing and event sales company based in Jyväskylä. I was lucky to become a part of this fast-growing company during the Spring 2019. Liveto’s CEO was at the same time my main supervisor, so I was treated as a usual employee from the very beginning. My opinion was taken into […]

My experience at Britam Kenya

My experience at Britam Kenya I was excited to be part of a forward innovative and leading Financial services and Insurance provider in Kenya. The office I was situated in was right in the capital city and hence very fast paced both working and living environment. Marketing and customer service determines the retention of customers […]


During the summer 2019 I worked as a business development trainee at DSV Turkey, Istanbul office. DSV, once a small Danish union of hauliers, now is a rapidly growing multinational logistics corporation with global presence, which has one of the biggest shares of a freight forwarding market. I worked in a commercial department, whose main […]

Practical training at Côte d’Azur

My summer internship took place on French Riviera, where I spent 4 months working as a management trainee for diversophy®. The company focuses on creation of educational games with an emphasis on diversity, cultures, and prejudices. Its aim is to integrate gamification into customers’ lives in order to broaden their vision and promote out of […]

Practical training in France

In December 2018, I got the chance of a lifetime. I was not planning to go do my practical training abroad, and even less in my second year. But when the opportunity presented itself, I thought that it would be crazy to not go for it and have a 3,5 month adventure in the French […]

Summer internship in Saint Petersburg

This summer I got valuable experience of working in finance as an administrative intern in the society with limited liability ‘BALTPROMARMATURA’. ‘BALTPROMARMATURA’ Ltd is a major Russian engineer, producer and distributor of industrial pipeline valves. This internship experience was extremely beneficial for my both working and personal life because as an international business student, I […]

My practical training in Russia

After the long two years of coming home only for holidays, I have decided to spend this summer in my hometown with family and friends while still working on my career and achieving my personal development goals. That’s why I have decided to take up an internship in a company operating in Moscow region. The […]