My practical training in Russia

After the long two years of coming home only for holidays, I have decided to spend this summer in my hometown with family and friends while still working on my career and achieving my personal development goals. That’s why I have decided to take up an internship in a company operating in Moscow region. The company is a local shoe retailer and I spent two months of my summer as a marketing intern.

Generally, my main task was to benefit the development of the company’s marketing strategy. In cooperation with my manager, I worked on marketing analysis, campaign development and social media management. From this experience I have gained valuable knowledge of various tools and practices in marketing. Moreover, as the company is rather small, I observer all the internal business operation processes in practice and figured out how shoe retailing businesses work.

The internship gave me an opportunity to apply my theoretical marketing knowledge into practice as well as learn something new. Since I was already in the process of writing my thesis about marketing media, this experience has certainly expanded my knowledge on the topic and helped me to carry out a more thorough and reliable research. I have found out that marketing skills can be mostly learnt from practicing and solving appearing problems.

Additionally, it was fun for me to meet new people who I worked with. As the youngest person in a team, I was able to learn a lot from my colleagues and once again had to step out of my comfort zone and adapt to the unusual environment.

To conclude, I believe that this internship was highly beneficial for my future development and career. I figured that marketing sphere is interesting and exciting for me and I would like to continue this path by gaining knowledge and experience. It was an unforgettable summer partially due to this practical training.

Author: Anna Kuznechikova