Practical Training at Jyväs-Caravan Oy

Caravans are fun to work with

Hello! My name’s Mikael and I’ve been working at our family company Jyväs-Caravan Oy which buys, sells and maintains/repairs caravans/motorhomes, for many years and lately did my practical training there too. The company has also a webshop which has been running for a few years now and keeps on growing.

I am part of our webshop team that manages customer’s orders, the logistics of the orders, keeps the stock of inventory in control and handles customer service/advice through phone calls. Also, as the company is constantly ordering new vehicles and caravans from Germany, part of the job was to be in contact with the harbor officials, plan and execute the pickup of the vehicles from Helsinki to our enterprise in Jyväskylä. I also had the chance to plan and create content for our company’s social media, namely to instagram and facebook.

I really like the company and the work it offers as every day is different and the challenges keep improving your knowledge on the field of work. My colleagues are fun to work with and keep the atmosphere relaxed which made the time at work feel very enjoyable.

I have also noticed that my studies at Jamk in business have helped me in several occasions while working at the company and have been able to to utilize the skills and knowledge on a daily basis.

I am looking forward for the new challenges Jyväs-Caravan Oy offers me in the next months! Thank your for reading my blog post.

Author: Mikael Käyhkö