Practical training at Mykonos, Greece

My name is Yana and this is my story about completing my practical training at Cavo Tago at the Greek island of Mykonos. The island is located in the eastern part of Aegean Sea, and is popular among tourists for its beaches and various attractions. The practical training lasted for two months from late May […]

Practical training at AIESEC Jyväskylä

Here’s another story about how to get professional skills and meet bunch of nice people while not going far away from the city. I found out about AIESEC in September 2018 when I came across an appealing email which said that a lot of things about working in multicultural environment as well as ability to […]

Practical training

I did a 3 months Content Marketing internship with INFLURY in Berlin. Founded in 2017, INFLURY is generating brand awareness, sales and growth for clients all over the world with micro-influencer marketing and retargeting ads. They bring together companies willing to do influencer marketing and micro-influencers willing to promote the company’s products/services, primarily on Instagram. […]

Practical training at Rwandan FA

Hi! My name is Papy Nkunda and I would like to share with you my internship experience as a marketing assistant to the best environmental team at the Rwandan Football Federation in Kigali , Rwanda. I worked for almost 2 months and it was a great opportunity for me. Thank you for Jamk for this […]