Practical training at Rwandan FA

Hi! My name is Papy Nkunda and I would like to share with you my internship experience as a marketing assistant to the best environmental team at the Rwandan Football Federation in Kigali , Rwanda.
I worked for almost 2 months and it was a great opportunity for me. Thank you for Jamk for this practical training system, and FERWAFA for agreeing to work with them. Actually my jobs were generally the supervision and development of marketing campaigns, management of social media campaigns, promotional activities and the organization of events and product exhibitions in my marketing department. After this second practical training, I acquired another great work experience and improved my professional skills again.

Job-related skills learned:
social media marketing, leadership, management of key performance indicators, marketing and project plan.

I hope I have improved skills and professionalism and benefited from a very dynamic work environment, but also contributed to the development of my beautiful home country.
Such a beautiful period of practical training at FERWAFA, will surely be an excellent basis for my future professional career. Thank you very much Jamk and my supervisor for all your help along the way.

Papy Nkunda