PT blog post 2 by Fareniuk Anastasiia

After finishing another semester o studies in Finland I came to my hometown with an idea that I want to get a bit more work experience, and I thought about trying to do my practical training right in my hometown, where I already did it before, but this time in a different company. I found […]

PT blog post 1 by Fareniuk Anastasiia

I believe that every work experience has its worth and leads to further development as an expert in any of the working spheres. As a student who wanted to get more working experience in sales, I’ve decided to do my practical training in my home town in a small local company as a shopping assistant […]

Practical training blog post by Saara Valkeinen

Procemex Oy I did my practical training in an international, Jyväskylä based company, Procemex Oy. Procemex is the world leader in web inspection, web break monitoring, and machine vision applications for pulp paper, and print industries. The company is specialized in designing and manufacturing smart camera and lightning solutions for web monitoring and web inspection. […]

Practical training blog by Dzharatov Aleksandr

In my opinion, working experience in the restaurant industry is very valuable and useful. Restaurant worker gets the chance to develop a bunch of new skills that could be used at various job positions in many fields. Besides certain work-related skills, restaurant employees constantly work under time pressure, and it helps to be more organized […]

Practical training blog by Ashiat Viinikainen

My practical training led me on a journey to the beautiful sunny south of France, to be called home was a small and cozy village called Mandelieu la Napoule one of the most beautiful places i have ever gotten the Privilege to experience.  I remember my first moming walk across the beautiful beach that was […]

Practical training in QAutomate Oy by Maiju Tuominen

In autumn 2019 I participated in a business event called Stream in Tampere. Little did I know I would meet there my future practical training employer. The company that hired me was QAutomate Oy – a small startup company that offers solutions for RPA and software automation. We discussed what kind of tasks they would […]

Service Specialist

Whilst scrolling in LinkedIn I came across an interesting open job position by Rainmaker Customer Experiences Oy. Rainmaker is the biggest outsourcing company in Finland when it comes to services such as Sales and Client support. Needless to say, I applied right away as I noticed that this specific job was a great opportunity to […]

PT blog

I did my internship in medium-sized company called KrossPlus the main office and distribution center of which is located in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. It is a sports inventory seller and a producer that holds leading positions on the domestic market and will expand to Europe soon. The customer base is sport inventory shops, both online and […]


Event staffing agencies are always looking to provide the best staff for the events they are helping organise. on the 3rd of September2019 I started working for a company called “The Hospitality Company” as part of my practical training for my degree in International Business. So, what is The Hospitality Company? Experienced people from the […]