Practical training blog by Dzharatov Aleksandr

In my opinion, working experience in the restaurant industry is very valuable and useful. Restaurant worker gets the chance to develop a bunch of new skills that could be used at various job positions in many fields. Besides certain work-related skills, restaurant employees constantly work under time pressure, and it helps to be more organized and efficient at work.

I had a unique opportunity to complete my practical training at Fafa’s restaurant in Jyväskylä. I did not have any experience in the field, so I started as a trainee. Training period was 2 weeks, during this time I have learned basics of cooking, serving customers,  operating with finances and a lot of other smaller tasks. I was lucky to get a position in such multicultural friendly environment. My managers have supported me in my learning, and I have grown a lot both personally and professionally. At the moment, I’ve been at Fafa’s for over a year. I have learned a lot and can take more responsibilities than earlier. I have experienced the power of teamwork, we have a great team that cooperates efficiently.

I’m glad that once I’ve accepted this challenge and encourage others to do so! It’s always useful and exciting to try yourself in something new. It could happen that restaurant industry will become your passion and you will open your own place one day in the future 😊

Author: Dzharatov Aleksandr