Working in a position I’d never thought I would :)

I’m Phuong Do from HBI15S1 program 🙂 I am in my first semester of my final year but when I did my practical training I had just finished my second year. I was working as a bookkeeper in Financial Department at My Ngoc, located in my home town of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. […]

Practical Training With Nhip Cau Was A Step Into The Future

My name is Vy Khuu and I am a third year IB student here at JAMK by the time this amazing practical training opportunity came to me. I was doing the practical training with Nhip Cau Corporation, a company based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, from March to August. The company was specialized in […]

My first practical training [in Russia]

My name is Nazar  and I got my first working experience in Saint Petersburg, Russia after my first year of studying IB at JAMK. I was working in the Sales Department of Energoresurs LLC from the end of May to the first weeks of July. Since it was my first practical training, I needed to […]

Hospitality Internship – Hanoi Daewoo Hotel

Working as a PR intern at Hanoi Daewoo Hotel was an incredible experience. It truly was rewarding. I got the chance to gain a real first-hand insight into the hospitality industry and hotel sector in particular. Especially for Hanoi Daewoo Hotel which is not an international chain like Marriot or Hilton, it was interesting to […]

Diving into the growth company scene in Finland

Crossing paths with Aava & Bang has been the best thing that’s happened to my professional career so far. Not that mine is that impressive yet anyways since I’m only in the verge of graduating, but the internship definitely kick-started things. In the fall of 2017, I applied for a Kasvu Open intern position at […]