Practical Training With Nhip Cau Was A Step Into The Future

My name is Vy Khuu and I am a third year IB student here at JAMK by the time this amazing practical training opportunity came to me. I was doing the practical training with Nhip Cau Corporation, a company based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, from March to August. The company was specialized in consulting services for companies and private customers regarding licensing, legal issues, immigration, etc. My position at Nhip Cau was to serve as a direct assistant to the CEO of the company and to join several other projects as a business analyst.

When applying for the position, I had exact one thing in mind – to learn from the best. As a CEO’s assistant, I got the opportunity to join all the meetings between my boss and director boards of business partners and potential customers, several business lunches where I got to meet the big names in the Vietnamese business network, as well as getting many chances to expand my own network. The photo below shows one of those experiences. The meeting was with Yamato Industries – one of the most renowned manufacturers in Japan and I delivered a presentation on behalf of my company.

Aside from day-to-day meetings, my duty on work was to communicate with certain customers and partners through email and to make sure the conversations went on smoothly. Through these conversations, I have closed a few deals with clients from the immigration service group. I was also responsible for assisting several customers in consulting to them how the legal procedures should go for their cases. These kinds of tasks required a lot of law reading and studying and I was certainly not a pro at it when I began I job here. But after a few cases, I could proudly say that I have gained for myself certain knowledge in some bodies of law, especially those related to immigration.

Even though this experience with Nhip Cau did not let me fully explore every aspects of the marketing field, which I have been pursuing as a future career throughout my time here at JAMK, I could not thank the people at Nhip Cau enough for the great learning opportunity they gave. I hope to carry on the great spirits and heritage of my boss, as a leader and as a friend, for my future life and career. Hopefully, our paths will cross again soon one day.