Pleasant Experience in Russia

Being an intern at external relations department in one of the Russian companies was far more challenging than expected. A country that combines both European and Asian habits makes its people so diverse in their cultural habits and attitudes that I think after working for a Russian company, you will be able to deal with […]

PT in logistic company Ltd.AutoRONA

I have my practical training in Russian company Ltd.AutoRONA. I have works in supply chain department and develop new project based on my thesis. The project was based on implementation third party logistic system into company process. In was hard long work. Firstly, I studied companies documents and their work systems. I work in 1C […]

“Säästöpankki kokemus” – “Savings bank experience”

My name is Nelli Översti and I am now a second year IB student in JAMK. Last summer I was able to experience the real savings bank experience when working for them here in Jyväskylä. What do I mean with the savings bank experience? In Savings bank we want to create the best individual experience […]

PT experiences here and there

My name’s Tino, and I’m about to graduate this December. During my practical training I’ve been working at a couple different companies, mostly doing social media management and marketing. I’ve spent most of my PT in a Dutch technology company that manufactures gaming keyboards for computers that utilize a unique technology. This fits me perfectly, […]

Practical Training in the Marketing in Russia

I am Ilia Maslov, and in the summer I have been to Russia, Saint-Petersburg, where I have been going through the Practical Training as a marketing analyst in the fitness club. I have been supervised there under the manager, who was more of a generalist manager and I worked in a pair with a marketing […]

PT in Portugal

My name is Ilya and during my practical training/internship I worked as a junior assistant manager at the Portuguese manufacturing company whose main products (at the time of my internship) were floor and wall coverings which are made of cork. The only issue I faced was the necessity to get used to real work schedule […]

Excited! First PT

Hello, I’m Liu Lianzhe, a senior Chinese student of JAMK. I just completed my practical training in Rongji Financial Services Company in Wuhan, China, where is my lovely hometown. Although I was born in Wuhan, I first practiced in my hometown. For all the newcomers, the first day in company is especially important. My mom and […]

Remote practical training: yes or no?

Hi, My name is Daria and I have completed the second year of my studies at JAMK. Last summer, I had my practical training at a Finnish IT company called WorldSome Oy and I would like to share my experiences with you. I hope you will find something interesting or useful for your further studies […]

10 km away from home

One of the hardest times I had in my 20 years of existence was the first two years living abroad in Finland, 9000km away from home. And I thought that no other place could give me such a hard time to grow wiser, but I guess this summer internship changed my initial thought. My company […]

How is content writing in a multicultural start-up?

The journey of how I became a content writer and social media coordinator started the date when I was struck by the idea of trying something new. And among all other job offers, PriceData Asia was my destination due to the professional working style and an amazing learning environment. Working environment and key learning Since my previous practical […]