PT in Portugal

My name is Ilya and during my practical training/internship I worked as a junior assistant manager at the Portuguese manufacturing company whose main products (at the time of my internship) were floor and wall coverings which are made of cork.

The only issue I faced was the necessity to get used to real work schedule – 5 full work days in an office, 2 days off. That was the only not-that-positive aspect of my practical training. Besides this, I think I could not wish better experience during my practical training. I worked in a small office attached to the company’s production facilities. As an office was small, environment was very friendly and family-like. Moreover my colleagues were very supportive. Furthermore, I had an opportunity  to work at different departments and develop skills in different spheres.

As an intern I helped with the marketing, sales and production management, so I was very lucky to see from different angles how modern manufacturing company operates. It is a very complex business which needs wise and intelligent management, as many elements should be considered when planning a strategy such as production, marketing, distribution etc.

In general, it was meaningful experience and I’ve considerably grown professionally developing multiple skills.

Moreover, I really liked Portugal, as a country, too. It is an amazing and beautiful country and I am happy that I had a chance to work there during the summer.