Rewriting the script for event networking

My practical training began as a copywriter for Brella Oy, a SaaS company located here in Jyväskylä. They provide a simple networking tool for events. I had no real experience in either copywriting nor in the SaaS field, but I was given a chance regardless. Being a native English speaker has its perks at times. […]

3 months in the legal industry – Brussels

I got some internship offers back in December 2018, all of them were in the Marketing sector, but this offer intrigued me most. Getting an offer from a legal industry company was something I did not expect at all, even though my childhood dream job was to become a lawyer (not anymore..). So, I decided […]

Canada Exchange Study Experience

My name is Papy NKUNDA and you can also call me the happy man. I’m studying International Business at JAMK University of Applied Sciences, and I just finished my exchane period of study in Canada, I´ve been back for about 3 weeks now. We arrived save and the overall I came back with temperature +18 […]

4 Months of Legal Tech in London

I did my IB practical training in London. I worked for Lexoo, a legal tech startup that has been up and running for a few years now. My internship lasted for four months, I got to work right next to the Silicon Roundabout on Old Street which is known as the home of many big […]

Internship at FERWAFA (Rwanda)

A Quick but Enriching Internship Experience in Sport and Digital marketing at FERWAFA (Rwandan Football Association) The 3 weeks passed quickly as trainee at FERWAFA for the autumn semester 2017. Being an intern at FERWAFA was a unique experience that allowed me to synthesize information I received at JAMK and see how it is applied […]