4 Months of Legal Tech in London

I did my IB practical training in London. I worked for Lexoo, a legal tech startup that has been up and running for a few years now. My internship lasted for four months, I got to work right next to the Silicon Roundabout on Old Street which is known as the home of many big and small tech companies. 

Lexoo is a legal tech company that aims at making legal services more available with a cheaper price. For years law firms have been charging a lot of money from their clients just to maintain their polished images and Lexoo wants to change this. Lexoo has gathered a legal panel of lawyers, at the moment the company has lawyers in over 40 countries and the number of enterprise clients is constantly growing. In 2017 Lexoo won Financial Times’s Innovative Lawyers award. Lexoo lawyers can do the work anywhere in the world – some of the Lexoo lawyers live abroad despite the fact that they practice law in the UK. The end user gets to enjoy the service which is more flexible and significantly cheaper than traditional legal services law firms offer.

During my internship I worked in the Customer Operations team and my main responsibility was to handle incoming legal enquiries and to make sure the right clients are paired up with the right lawyers. In addition to that I liaised with customers and lawyers through email, phone and Intercom, helping them with whatever problems they may have encountered while using the service. Most of the clients were B2B since Lexoo mostly offers its services mainly to businesses. I took care of updating client information to the system and I made sure that the lawyers provided accurate quotes to the clients. I also participated in product development by suggesting improvements based on client feedback.

I got to do my internship during an interesting time, when I came to Lexoo the company was going through changes and it was exciting to see the company grow and see the product being developed even further during my time there. During weekly Growth Meetings I learned a lot about product and business development and tools you can use when evaluating which tasks take priority. Working in a start-up that’s in a growing phase is very exciting, you get to see how the business is managed and everyone has the freedom to express their opinion and it’s often encouraged. I would say that my time with Lexoo also taught me something about management; I noticed that giving employees certain autonomy and making sure that the team does things together outside the workplace really does play a major role in employee satisfaction. It’s important that the employees have the right tools to do their jobs and that people can come to the workplace as their full selves. I would say that I was very happy to have freedom in how and where I want to do my job and sometimes it was nice to do things with the team outside office hours. The internship made me understand how I want to be managed and what kind of manager I would like to be in the future.

I would say that my time with Lexoo was very exciting and I enjoyed every minute of it. The whole team was so welcoming from the very beginning and I always felt like I had support if I needed any. Coming to London to pursue this internship opportunity was definitely the right call, I learned a lot during the internship and I’ll be starting a new permanent job in recruitment very soon. I couldn’t have imagined a better place to work in or a better team to work with.