Internship experience working as a digital marketing consultant

Hello, my name is Joni Passi, and, in this post, I am telling you how I became a digital marketing consultant of an international company here in Spain.The story starts when I came to Barcelona to study at UAB, universitat de Barcelona back in September 2021. I was planning to stay for a semester, this […]

Internship at NASIN TRAVEL CO, LTD

Hi everyone. I’m Phuong, I’m a third year IB student at JAMK. I did internship at NASIN TRAVEL CO, LTD. From May to August 2020, I did practical training at NASIN TRAVEL CO, LTD, which was a remarkable experience for me since it was rich in experience sharing and helped me uncover my potential. I’ve […]

My time as a Data Analyst

I was a data analyst at JK-Savings Oy Jyväskylä branch, a company that provides expert services and consultation for industrial and construction sector nationwide. I was responsible for monitoring the development of global commodity prices and the economic situation in EU area as an added value for the customers. I also did data processing on […]

My experiences on a Finnish digital marketing firm

Hello! My name is Emma, and I am here to tell you about my practical training. I did my practical training during my fourth year of JAMK studies in a digital marketing firm called Preoni. Preoni is located here in Jyväskylä, more specifically in Vasarakatu 1, Tourula. It is a smaller company with below ten […]