My time as a Data Analyst

I was a data analyst at JK-Savings Oy Jyväskylä branch, a company that provides expert services and consultation for industrial and construction sector nationwide.

I was responsible for monitoring the development of global commodity prices and the economic situation in EU area as an added value for the customers. I also did data processing on customer data and developed internal tools that eased the processing and reporting of hundreds of rows of spreadsheet data, such as document parsers and user-friendly report templates. I helped streamlining internal data processing functions and used my proficiency in Excel in making everyday operations more fluid and was frequently in contact with customers, requesting data or finding out how to best put the data into use. My practical training lasted from November 2021 to March 2022, during which the global market took unexpected turns and required constant vigilance.

My practical training was valuable and eye-opening. I experienced a lot of development in both technical skills and people skills. What I enjoyed the most was that I was able to build my own job. Ideas and suggestions were taken seriously and, as long as there were results to show, I could freely try out new things or technologies. Additionally, the company culture was relaxed and very open to remote working options as well, as long as necessary tasks got done and progress was made. I’m an advocate for remote working whenever possible, especially in work that is done completely digitally. I’m grateful I was able to balance home and work life with remote working options, thus the time, that otherwise would be wasted on commuting between home and office, was spent on actual value generation.

In general, I got a good look into what is it like to do business for the industrial sector, what kind of wants and pains the customers have and how to communicate with customers efficiently. Also, while at work I discovered new topics of interest and other things to learn, that were outside the scope of studies. During my practical training I gained a lot of live knowledge over how market movements affect the industrial sector directly and got a glimpse of what the decision-makers need to consider daily. All in all, JK-Savings Oy provided a perfect practical training for me, of which I’m very grateful.

Author: Patteri Jarkko