My blog text about practical training 2021 by Alina Semeniachenko

This summer I worked for Russian company. GSC Leader company carries out construction and reconstruction work on various buildings and structures. I was invited to join the company’s new department. They started developing disinfectants for wholesale and retail, as they had contacts of raw material suppliers with whom they were already working. I came at […]

My practical training at Kamua Oy as a marketing intern by Iina Vaitiniemi

When I first started thinking about how I would like to carry out my practical training, I had a plan to do it abroad. But during spring 2021, I decided to quit my job in retailing and started looking for a summer job related to my studies. After long period of applying and not getting […]

Internship in a startup by Daria Kondrateva

I did my practical training in a tech startup located in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. I joined it just after several months since it was founded. Back then, it was only holding esports events with other projects being in development. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, I was mostly doing my practical training remotely from my home. However, since […]

Not just a regular customer service job by Lotta Nuorivaara

When I started studying at JAMK that meant moving from my hometown to Jyväskylä. I have always worked on top of going to school, so it felt weird not having a job yet here in Jyväskylä. One time I was on a train scrolling down job applications and decided to apply to the customer service […]

Internship in Pohjanmaan Osuuspankki by Susanna Sulkakoski

I was walking down the streets of Karlsruhe in November 2020, when I noticed a post my local bank published while scrolling the front page of Facebook. I had stressed about my practical training for a while now. Coronavirus was spreading like a wildfire in Germany and I had already decided I would move back […]