Working in the financial sector in the biggest bank of the Nordic region by Jenni Kyllönen

I did my practical training in Nordea Bank (Nordea). Nordea is the biggest bank of the Nordic region with four Nordic home markets – Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden. Nordea also has a network of branches, subsidiaries and representative offices throughout Europe and the rest of the world. Nordea is a financially stable bank that had a total operating income of EUR 8.5bn last year. Nordea offers a variety of services for four different customer groups. Such groups are daily banking customers, premium banking customers, private banking customers and business banking customers.

My practical training experience is from working at the daily banking and premium banking sectors. I started my practical training in March 2021 as a service advisor. My main task includes customer service in oral form in the areas of online and mobile services, debit cards, accounts, and payments. Soon after that I got to participate in advanced training. After my training period I was able to take on more responsibilities and tasks. The new tasks include customer service in a written form as well as oral, consumer credit, savings, and investments.

My practical training experience from Nordea is more than pleasant. I have learned a lot about the financial sector. I have also learned many intangible skills about working life such as etiquette, teamwork and emotional intelligence. Fortunately I was given the chance to continue working at Nordea. Now I am working as a part-time employee side to side with my current IB studies.

Author: Jenni Kyllönen