Online marketing intern at Blue Tomato

I had planned to do my practical training in Finland, which was clear to me the whole time. Then I came across to an ad from Blue Tomato which advised to send an open application for the intern position, which was online marketing intern. At the time I found this company super interesting to me, […]

Summer temp at Nordea Bank in Jyväskylä

The whole idea of me working in a bank took its origin at JAMK on this one lecture I decided to visit. On my first semester at JAMK we had employees from Nordea as visiting lecturers in this financial class one time telling about their jobs at Nordea and the financial sector in general. After […]

Practical training

As a research assistant in The Korea Transport Institute in South Korea, I worked for 3.5 months and it was great opportunity for me. Thanks for Jamk and its practical training system, I could get a job during summer break in South Korea and the job was helpful in improving my skills such as language […]