Summer temp at Nordea Bank in Jyväskylä

The whole idea of me working in a bank took its origin at JAMK on this one lecture I decided to visit. On my first semester at JAMK we had employees from Nordea as visiting lecturers in this financial class one time telling about their jobs at Nordea and the financial sector in general. After that lecture, I got really interested in working there and once I saw the Summer Temp job advertisement on LinkedIn at the beginning of 2018, I had to apply. It was only the first year of my studies in IB and I was eager to find out whether they would take me and my ambition seriously. Fortunately, after the interviews I got the job and was so excited to start my summer at Nordea trying something new and gaining some practical experience and knowledge of financial sector and daily banking for my future career.

And during my summer at Nordea, I surely gained a ton of knowledge through my training. My job title was Customer Service Officer at the daily banking sector of Nordea Jyväskylä. The tasks included a variety of different customer service tasks in the sector of daily banking. This meant helping and advising customers with their issues related to daily banking such as giving guidance and support to utilizing online bank and mobile bank services. In addition to those tasks, I was also responsible for handling the opening of new services for new customers and the introduction and guidance to the new services. As a Customer Service Officer, I was also responsible for performing certain cervices for the existing customers such as necessary tasks related to paying bills, cash withdrawals/deposits and opening/closing of banking services. And as described above, I got a very full picture of the daily banking sector through the variety of different tasks I was responsible for and through the great trust they gave me as a summer temp to perform those tasks.

To me, Nordea as a company is extremely experienced in taking in the Summer Temps and other practical trainers and has the great tools and abilities to train young and eager students to face the daily challenges in the field. The staff and my colleagues were amazing, and I am forever grateful for what they all have taught to me. In addition to that, the company’s culture is surprisingly relaxed, which creates a pleasant environment to hustle under pressure with serious tasks throughout the day.

My summer at Nordea was everything I could have wished for as it was challenging but fun at the same time. While working in a team of a mixture of other eager summer temps and some experts in the line of business I was able to reach my learning objectives for personal skills, transferable skills and professional skills in no time. In addition to that, I made great friends with my colleagues and was able to broaden my social network during that summer. Thus, the experience was truly valuable for both my future studies and career and would fully recommend Nordea as a company to execute your practical training.

Author: Ada Brotkin