Summer Traineeship at Valmet Technologies Oy

In the spring and summer of 2022, I had an opportunity to work as a trainee at Valmet Technologies Oy, in Jyväskylä. I was working in the Global Financial Operations department, in the Costing & Inventory Recognition team. I applied for this position through LinkedIn, and the interview process was relatively easy. At first it was nerve wrecking due to communication barrier fears, but luckily, the working language is English. One of the other advantages was that I was working in an international setting as my co-workers were from around the world, and due to cultural diversity, I learnt more in the working environment.

While I was working, one of my responsibilities was to ensure that the data on the items in stock were up to date. I would also assist my team members during the month reporting so that deadlines were met when completing certain tasks. I worked well with them, and I would submit the reports to the required personnel. As an individual who has always been interested in accounting, it seemed so easy as I would learn new things every day.

Every one of us has a story to tell and how their careers began. On my first day, they told us that we were at the right place, and that when the training was complete, we would have answers to what we want to do in the future. Today, I can say that I am older, mature and wiser because of Valmet. All the doubts I had about my career, were all answered, and I can safely say that because of Valmet, I will pursue a career in accounting. I have adjusted to the new culture, the Finnish culture and I have met inspiring people, who are my friends, and lastly, I have learnt to practise to use the Finnish language in my daily life. I am thankful that I had this opportunity, and it brings me joy to share this experience where I worked in a multi-cultural setting.

Author: Tanaka Chibindi

2nd year student


  1. Amazing experience you’ve had there! This makes me want to start my practical training soon too!!