Project at Mesikko by Mohammadi Mihat

Me and my friend got a project from Mesikko to make a market research on services offered to expatriates. Company itself provides nature trips and experiences, but at the same time they were interested to expand their market. It was a good experience and opportunity to us to put our theorethical knowledge in use and […]

Practical Training Blog Post by Santeri Pakarinen

My friend and I were tasked by Mesikko to conduct market research on services offered to expatriates. As the company provided nature trips and experiences, they were interested whether market penetration to this field would be a viable expansion for them. For us it was a great opportunity to apply some of the theory we […]

Practical Training at by Valtteri Rytkönen

My practical training begun in May for Sauna Consulting Osk which is a sauna boat business operating one boat. The business offers sauna cruises on the water for people wishing to experience something unique. My experience working in the business was also quite unique, both in terms of the unstable situation for businesses due to […]

PT experience in Business Network Oy by William Lahti

Following the spring of 2020 COVID-19 outbreak and the new normal, my practical training experience felt somewhat interesting at least. Many normal procedures had to be reformed as we all know from social distancing and other precautions that had to be taken to ensure minimal risks what comes to health of colleagues and business partners. […]

Practical training at Walki Oy, Pietarsaari by Alexandra Olusanya

I had worked at Walki Oy already two summers, so the place itself was already familiar and the great colleagues welcomed me with open arms and big smiles (although virtually due to Covid19). I was however facing a completely new position than during previous years and we all knew that some challenges were definitely ahead […]