PT experience in Business Network Oy by William Lahti

Following the spring of 2020 COVID-19 outbreak and the new normal, my practical training experience felt somewhat interesting at least. Many normal procedures had to be reformed as we all know from social distancing and other precautions that had to be taken to ensure minimal risks what comes to health of colleagues and business partners. Most of the work during the summer had to be assessed if it was necessary to meet people or could things have been done in online instead.

Duties and responsibilities that I had in Business Network were diverse and included thinking and planning of the previously mentioned precautions during my daily activities. Duties that were given to me during the PT consisted of general customer service and taking part into meetings and into development projects. As many jobs nowadays include a lot of IT-skills related to the work, this PT did not make any exceptions.

It was interesting to see different approaches – other than financial – from the company to support their customers during the COVID-19 summer. Especially in this company due to their field of business of renting premises to their customers. Despite the exceptional times during the summer, the overall experience doing my PT in Business Network Oy was rewarding, diverse and challenging. Getting to know into practical level of business after studying mainly theories was very pleasant.

I would recommend Business Network Oy for practical training to a student that has interest towards commercial real estate as a potential future career option.

Author: William Lahti