Project at Mesikko by Mohammadi Mihat

Me and my friend got a project from Mesikko to make a market research on services offered to expatriates. Company itself provides nature trips and experiences, but at the same time they were interested to expand their market. It was a good experience and opportunity to us to put our theorethical knowledge in use and make an actual market research for the existing company.

My part of the project was to do a SWOT – and competitive analysis. In SWOT analysis I analyzed the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the new business idea. Competitive analysis was about finding what are the main competitors in the field, and what kind of services they offer to the market. We provided all this data to the company, and in addition we listed the specific services Mesikko could immediately add to their existing nature services.

As a first experience of me working with a company in Finland, which also involved my foreign background, made this research easier for me. It was a great experience, which also involved my International Business degree. I’m looking forward to work with more companies and gain more experience.

Author: Mohammadi Mihat