Online marketing intern at Blue Tomato

I had planned to do my practical training in Finland, which was clear to me the whole time. Then I came across to an ad from Blue Tomato which advised to send an open application for the intern position, which was online marketing intern. At the time I found this company super interesting to me, doing what I like to do. I applied and got in. The flexibility of Blue Tomato amazed me, since I had to change the time period of the training twice, and it wasn’t a problem for them. Blue Tomato is a multinational company, originated from Austria and they specialize on merchandise in snow, surf and skate. They have multiple stores in DACH, Netherlands and now in Finland. The store in Helsinki was opened during my time in the headquarters.

Next thing I know, I’m in the middle of Austria surrounded by the beautiful Alps, about to start my first day at the company. Fortunately, the training was paid which lowered the threshold even more. My tasks revolved around the web shop, which generates the most income, even though they have multiple stores. I developed detailed market analyzes, monitored, controlled and reported on developments in the Finnish market, optimized the Finnish version of, translated multiple texts, among other tasks. Safe to say, I learned a lot.

Best thing about doing my internship in Schladming, Austria, was undoubtedly the mountains and everything they had to offer. There were 6 other interns, of whom I ended up spending my time a lot. We were hiking, biking and skiing or snowboarding A LOT. Blue Tomato wants to bring own experiences and passions of their employees into making business which is really successful currently. They offer great employee benefits (yes, even to interns) which encourages to try something new or get better doing what you like. In this case it’s snow, surf or skate.

Internship abroad differs slightly from an exchange, since work requires physical presence more than studying, but the experience is definitely worth it. Studying and/or working abroad looks good on resume and gives networks in different countries. 5/5 recommend!

Author: Waltteri Meriläinen