My blog text about practical training 2021 by Alina Semeniachenko

This summer I worked for Russian company. GSC Leader company carries out construction and reconstruction work on various buildings and structures. I was invited to join the company’s new department. They started developing disinfectants for wholesale and retail, as they had contacts of raw material suppliers with whom they were already working. I came at the very beginning of the project. It was experimental; my main task was to find ways of implementation. I am very glad that I was invited to do an internship with this company, because I have applied almost everything I learned at JAMK and in additional courses. My knowledge of marketing, sales, project management, management and design came in handy. I learned how to talk to business people and how to work in an office. I launched a mini startup, yes it was 2% of what a company could do with the realization of this product. But I went the risky route with them, yes we decided not to continue, but now the company has a full understanding of the online market to try again in the future.

Author: Alina Semeniachenko