Internship in a startup by Daria Kondrateva

I did my practical training in a tech startup located in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. I joined it just after several months since it was founded. Back then, it was only holding esports events with other projects being in development. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, I was mostly doing my practical training remotely from my home. However, since I was mainly doing research and paperwork, I was able to work with the same efficiency as in the office. 

My main objective was to assist in attracting investment procedure for scaling operations and developing other projects. However, since seeking investment is a time-consuming project, only part of it happened during the practical training. Therefore, during PT, I mainly was figuring out the application procedure to funds, evaluating strengths and weaknesses of the startup, understanding the business model (and how it will evolve over time), creating a business plan and pitch for potential investors, and dealing with other minor finance-related assignments.  

I gained incredible experience working at the company. It not only gave me a practical understanding of how startup funding works but also elevated my presentation, communication, and interpersonal skills. I am grateful that I’ve got the chance to work in such a great environment with encouraging, insightful, and deeply passionate colleagues!

Author: Daria Kondrateva