Assisting the sales team for one of the leading companies in its field, Valmet Technologies Oy by Noora Notko

I started working as a full-time summer trainee at Valmet Technologies Oy in May 2021 until the end of August, now continuing part-time at least until the end of 2021. Valmet Technologies is a leading company in its field. They develop and supply process technologies, automation and services for the pulp, paper and energy industries.

I worked (and still am working) as a sales assistant trainee in the Paper Business line, more specifically Capital Sales which sells board and paper machines. I got to see how a big scale and global organization operates from a lookout spot as an assistant.

My job description included supporting the sales team in all kinds of tasks related to the sales projects, documentation of the sales projects and management of the ERP-system as well as general assisting tasks in the department and supporting the reporting of the sales team. I highly recommend Valmet as a practical training place and as a workplace in general. It was a pleasure to learn a lot of new things about a globally operating international organization and I am honored to be able to continue working there along with my studies.

Author: Noora Notko