My practical training at Kamua Oy as a marketing intern by Iina Vaitiniemi

When I first started thinking about how I would like to carry out my practical training, I had a plan to do it abroad. But during spring 2021, I decided to quit my job in retailing and started looking for a summer job related to my studies. After long period of applying and not getting any results, I got a message on LinkedIn from the business unit director at Kamua. He had gotten a recommendation from my contact and asked me if I wanted to set up an interview and of course I said yes! So, after a week or so I sat down for the interview, and we got along very well and so he offered me a paid internship position for the summer period, and I agreed. This really was an opportunity I would not want to miss, because I have always wanted to work within the field of marketing and this position would open me doors for my future career.

So that is how I spent my summer completing my practical training here in Jyväskylä, in a company called Kamua Oy. Kamua is part of the Keskisuomalainen concern and offers broad entities of marketing and advertisement solutions. Kamua has a broad variation of client companies and that offered me great opportunities and I found that every day was a bit different, and I was never bored while at work. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, I mostly worked remotely from home, but we still had meetings and gatherings at the office from time to time. I worked full-time from May till the end of August, and now continuing part-time as a project assistant at Kamua along my studies. 

My main objectives during my internship were to assist and work with different kind of customer projects, plan and implement our own marketing in social media such as LinkedIn, Instagram and our website and create content to our website and modifying the WordPress site. My daily tasks were (and still are) communicating with clients, attending the weekly or monthly follow-ups with our client companies, attending the weekly resource planning session and implementing the tasks given to me related to different projects. Beside that I also do general administrational tasks such as invoicing.

The past summer has offered me many opportunities and experiences. I have learned so much about how the processes in marketing and advertisement are implemented and how much work there actually is behind launching a campaign for example, and I can tell you that it is a lot. Beside the experiences and opportunities, my internship ‘enriched’ me in many ways. Now I can look at the classroom situations and issues discussed at school from my work point of view and think about how those are dealt with in the real world.

If you are still here, thank you for reading my experiences and I hope that this may help others who are looking at the practical training places now! Good luck!

Author: Iina Vaitiniemi