My experiences on a Finnish digital marketing firm

Hello! My name is Emma, and I am here to tell you about my practical training. I did my practical training during my fourth year of JAMK studies in a digital marketing firm called Preoni. Preoni is located here in Jyväskylä, more specifically in Vasarakatu 1, Tourula. It is a smaller company with below ten employees. My practical training will last for 5 months, but I will only focus on the first five weeks on this blog post. This position was unpaid.

When I started to look for a practical training place, I knew that I wanted to find a position in the field of marketing. I began my research of possible firms in Google and found many possible firms that suited my criteria. I connected many companies and applied to some during a time that felt like forever, 3 months exactly. In the end of February, I got a phone call from the CEO of Preoni Teemu Kettunen. He had connected me to find out to find out if I was still available for the position. After Teemu told me about tasks I could work on, and we set up an interview for the next week. The interview went well, and I got the position.

Now you might be wondering, what were my main tasks. These included working with a website called First, I introduced myself to the website, then thought about some development ideas and did a SEO analysis of the most popular content and now I am working on the blog. While making a blog post I must work on few things. First, I must do the research, then write the actual post and find pictures that suit it, then think about the SEO and export the post to WordPress. On WordPress I have format the post to the correct form and get feedback from Teemu before I can publish the post. After posting I make posts to social media to make sure that the followers of know about the new content.

These include the main things I have done for now. In the future I will also work on Google Ads and e-commerce store. My experience for now has been great and I cannot wait for what the future will bring. I hope that I will learn as much as possible and develop my professional skills further. This position has helped me to form “future plans” and I wish that I will work on the field of marketing in the future as well. I also applied to Master’s Degree Programme on Digital Marketing on Jyväskylä University because the position enforced my will to learn more about marketing.

I hope that this post will help someone who is also interested in working on a marketing firm. I know that the search for a practical training place can be surprisingly hard and tiring. If you wish you can contact me via LinkedIn to ask more about Preoni.

Author: Emma Penttinen