Internship experience working as a digital marketing consultant

Hello, my name is Joni Passi, and, in this post, I am telling you how I became a digital marketing consultant of an international company here in Spain.
The story starts when I came to Barcelona to study at UAB, universitat de Barcelona back in September 2021. I was planning to stay for a semester, this was during covid-19, and everything was shut down in Spain during the first semester. Eventually I wanted more from my exchange studies and applied for another semester at UAB. Everything went smoother during that second semester, and we were able to participate to some classes in person as well. Most of the school was done online tough. This led me wanting more from my time in Spain. At this point I realized that I like the local way of living and ofc. the sun.
As mentioned, I wanted more from my time in Spain and figured I could do an internship here and I wanted it to be paid. So, I started to seek positions, most of them paid around 300€/month for intern positions. I found myself seeking full-time positions with full-time salaries, since I knew I only had few courses left at JAMK. Eventually I found a vacancy trough glassdoor recruiting platform for full-time position as a digital marketing consultant for Finnish markets. They were seeking Finnish speakers, and it was a plus that I already was here, so they did not need to invest for a relocation package, -that is offered for people migrating for the position-. I sent my CV to the system and soon HR recruiters kept calling offering different positions.
After a while, they finally contacted from Teleperformance, the position that I really wanted. I got through the procedure and eventually got selected for the position. After all the paperwork I started working for Teleperformance in August 2022, straight after my summer holiday at Finland and been working there ever since, approximately 9 months now.
I went through the training period which consisted of completing a lot of Google certificates and started managing my own portfolio, this meant calling and contacting the customers and offering them guidance with Google Ads. During my time here, I have been learning a lot of different businesses, how they conduct advertising on digital platforms, especially on Google and how to be part of a team.