Internship at FERWAFA (Rwanda)

A Quick but Enriching Internship Experience in Sport and Digital marketing at FERWAFA (Rwandan Football Association)
The 3 weeks passed quickly as trainee at FERWAFA for the autumn semester 2017. Being an intern at FERWAFA was a unique experience that allowed me to synthesize information I received at JAMK and see how it is applied in the real world of Digital Marketing. In addition, working in the marketing department has introduced a brand-new view on this area and topics that have been helpful in learning how the social media works.
I worked on the project regarding social media marketing, quality metrics for website services, and other interesting topics. for example, Social Media, Branding, Content Marketing, Blogging, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) I was also in charge of setting up a marketing report PowerPoint on quality measures used to create the new network creation campaign and how FERWAFA would promote Rwandan Football.
The information collected on these different projects exposed me to other business models in social media marketing in sport. In addition, I also identified useful resources and realized that Digital Marketing is helping to change the sporting world. Another aspect of my internship was leaving the office and attending external meetings with stakeholders. I accompanied Mr. Bonnie to a few meetings even though it was not a lot.
It’s really a pleasure to be a trainee at FERWAFA. The organization’s culture was welcoming and friendly, making it much more difficult to say goodbye to everyone in December. However, I know that my experience at FERWAFA has allowed me to succeed by looking at my future diploma and applying for real-world jobs. There are not enough words to describe how much I am grateful to Bonnie and also to Piia for giving me the opportunity to learn so much in just a few weeks and to all the others who contribute.
Thank you FERWAFA and JAMK!