Canada Exchange Study Experience

My name is Papy NKUNDA and you can also call me the happy man. I’m studying International Business at JAMK University of Applied Sciences, and I just finished my exchane period of study in Canada, I´ve been back for about 3 weeks now. We arrived save and the overall I came back with temperature +18 celcius and life is about back to normal.
In this post I would like to share my exchange experience, which I had in Canada
It was easy for me to be abroad for approximately 4 months just because i happy international man. I was so excited to move to a new multicultural place, I was super prepared for that.
At the beginning, I started by hating the city but after visiting some cities, all ended up on the love of the country as they have amazing city and great opportunities for doing business. l really enjoyed learning and living in London, Ontario, which was, in my opinion, a great small city for student. What I gained academically from Canada is Knowledge about the Canadian business culture and north american business culture, more insight to e-commerce, digital marketing and new views about it.

Here are the things learned:
New and improved skills and how to apply them,Networking is important, I made stronger connections there ,Independence, leaned that I am more important than I think and finally leaned that  home can be a lot of places.

Some advices:
if you plan to go for exchange ,you must learn to know the country where you go, its norms of behavior, its traditions and its lifestyle, to be open to all, to be confident, to make friends. Most importantly, be happy and enjoy your time.

Right now, I know my life can take so many turns, the possibilities are endless, and many more lessons are out there for me to learn.