PT in logistic company Ltd.AutoRONA

I have my practical training in Russian company Ltd.AutoRONA. I have works in supply chain department and develop new project based on my thesis. The project was based on implementation third party logistic system into company process. In was hard long work. Firstly, I studied companies documents and their work systems. I work in 1C system for one week to be sure that everything works properly and eliminate mistakes of previous workers. When I have group meeting with employees to chose work strategy and divide tasks.

Speaking about developed skills, I can speak about improvement my leadership skills, successfully motivating and influencing employees. Also, I successfully controlled discipline and prevented employee conflicts. Speaking about the development of communication skills, I developed the skills of written communication, providing feedback to customers, organizing meetings and successfully organized presentations. I also upgraded the skill of time management, I made a schedule and coordinated meetings. One more important skill was received by me in the field of finance management, I learned how to make a budget, manage costs and costs and monitor financial reporting.

Also, I have developed a lot of my business skills, I create and conduct my own project in theme implementation third party logistic system into the freight forwarding company. I prepare full program of implementation with finance and marketing plan. I improved my leadership and communication skills.

An important point of my practice was the stage of finding potential customers and partners. When searching for partners and customers, a system of “cold” calls and sending requests via e-mail was used. In parallel, I was instructed to analyze the site and formulate proposals for its modernization. Among them was the proposal to create a section with an indication of the list of services provided and the price list and the introduction of innovation – the possibility of electronic circulation through the site to employees of the department for working with clients.

 In addition to working with primary documents and conducting dialogues with clients, I was included in the list of those responsible for inventorying the production site – I carried out an inventory of vehicle tires and the availability of fuel and lubricants in the warehouse.

In conclusion, I can say that it was very interesting and positive experience. I developed a lot of business and personal skills during my practical training.