Pleasant Experience in Russia

Being an intern at external relations department in one of the Russian companies was far more challenging than expected. A country that combines both European and Asian habits makes its people so diverse in their cultural habits and attitudes that I think after working for a Russian company, you will be able to deal with any company or person in any part of the world without experiencing cultural shock.

LSC is a language school that is located at the north of Moscow region. It is working on many projects form pre-school language education to language travel and higher education. Since company plays a significant role in the language education sector it has a number of different partners with various goals.

Every day was different depending on the projects that were active at the moment of time. I could have consulted with the lawyer concerning the contracts that we have to prepare to work with our British partners, searched for the new marketing platforms or attended negotiations. I also had a chance to attend the company’s strategic development meeting where we had the speaker from the consulting company. Priceless experience of pure business processes from the inside of the company. This constant movement never let me sit down and get comfortable, I was always on the move progressing together with the company.

During my stay in Russia I was highly supported by the talented team. These guys were always there for me providing me with a valuable advice and some emotional care also. Even though we had clashes during our long discussions, the overall impression remained positive.

I learnt to stay on my company’s side in negotiations, identify inefficient deals and wrong people to work with. I loved being a part of the educational business in Russia, since it made me more mature and strict as a business person.