The journey of how I became a content writer and social media coordinator started the date when I was struck by the idea of trying something new. And among all other job offers, PriceData Asia was my destination due to the professional working style and an amazing learning environment.

Working environment and key learning

Since my previous practical training was in Human resources management, I myself was quite picky when reading the Job Description of those jobs posted. I only applied for positions whose JD met the requirements of a proper one. I got chosen by PriceData Asia and was amazed at first sight when attending the interview with one of my supervisors. From the interview with professional working style and content of the questions asked, it was easy to figure out that this company, as a start-up, would give me such a good learning environment.

And, without letting me down, I was assigned to work as a content writer and coordinator for a webpage of PricePony and another Facebook page with more than 3 million followers. The job was challenging yet full of excitement. I was able to work in an English speaking environment and draw experience from seniors in the team. My daily task included writing 4 articles of technological gadget news and comparison, managing Facebook pages with posts (articles, pictures, viral videos and creating videos of news) and assisting in the recruitment process. Besides, we also conducted research on prime time for increasing reach and post engagement. Working in a start-up company means you will have to do more than just one field, which is an opportunity to study but also stressful since you have to be multitasking. I had the chance to work with SEO, Facebook ads and develop my writing skills as well as analyzing skills.

I was lucky to work for a company where the employees’ well-being at work is taken into consideration. As an employee at PriceData Asia, I had access to the gym centre and swimming pool. The multicultural environment allowed coworkers to exchange their cultural features. And the relationship between employees is developed via various activities such as teambuilding, after-office parties and birthday presents, etc.

Thank you for being a part of my life, PricePony.