Hospitality Internship – Hanoi Daewoo Hotel

Working as a PR intern at Hanoi Daewoo Hotel was an incredible experience. It truly was rewarding. I got the chance to gain a real first-hand insight into the hospitality industry and hotel sector in particular. Especially for Hanoi Daewoo Hotel which is not an international chain like Marriot or Hilton, it was interesting to see how the hotel managed to build its reputation, maintain it over the years and raise brand awareness to new customers by reaching out to old ones with a wide and creative range of promotional activities and events. The hotel is one the oldest and first five-star hotel in Hanoi and that truly reflects through its everyday operation. The working environment is bright, clean and professional. Every staff is dedicated, focused and always puts customers first. Working in the PR, sales and marketing team in an open office means that everyone is extremely close and works well with each other. Every person is extremely hard-working and ready to help you with everything you might need. This experience has taught me to have patience, creativity, adaptability and valuable skills not just professionally but personally. Working at Hanoi Daewoo Hotel for such a short period of time made me realize that this is the industry that I want to be a part of in the future, due to the fact that this is the fastest-growing and ludicrous industry of the 21st century, and because of the myriad opportunities that can come from it, through working with foreign customers and clients. There are many open doors when it comes to hotel management and professional advancement in this field of work. Overall, this internship was filled with many a valuable lesson and unforgettable encounters, enhanced my skill set and gave me a better idea of my future career.