PT is not only for improving of existing skills, but also one of way to acquire a new professional skill…

 If you took a course that is necessary for your future career and for some reason you realized that this subject is given to you with difficulty, due to some circumstances, do not rush to drop it, but rather focus on the theory and highlight the most incomprehensible to you, in order to deal with this in practice after the end of the semester.
Thus, you can not only consolidate the acquired theoretical knowledge, but also make up for the part that you did not understand.

 Start looking for the place to practice in advance, and at the meeting with a potential employer, do not forget to clarify the fact that, at the moment you are study this course and you want to improve your theoretical knowledge on practical training and at the same time, you want to learn some of the highlights which are difficult to understand without practice in, that you really want to learn more about (in my case it was a digital marketing), and acquire the skill of work in this sphere. Believe, with this approach to business, no one will not refuse to help you.
After the course of Strategic Marketing I passed practical training, for 2 summer months as a Marketing and sales manager’s assistant in” Myynti ja markkinointi Kuparinen” on the base placement work for Sun Sauna Oy company. The Digital marketing theoretical part was very hard for my understanding therefore, I decided to find the practical training place exactly in this sphere, to improve the hard skills and learn more about how to cope with the Facebook and Instagram marketing and Advertising how to manage Google AdWords and work with analytics. At the same time, I had a chance to improve my skills in customer communication(contact / e-mail marketing) using my language skills and make a Russian market business research on subject of possible future business partnerships.

My PT supervisor was very helpful and patient, he spends a lot of time to explain to me the necessary highlight of the professional needs and shared with me by the own work experience, due to what I studied the company product (sauna design) and the company sales process, at the same time, I learned how to work with social media advertising. Of course, 2 months, it´s such a short time to become a specialist and learn everything, but the basic things for understanding subject and possibility to be involved in a process of digital marketing world on practice, already something.