My first practical training [in Russia]

My name is Nazar  and I got my first working experience in Saint Petersburg, Russia after my first year of studying IB at JAMK. I was working in the Sales Department of Energoresurs LLC from the end of May to the first weeks of July. Since it was my first practical training, I needed to get used to a new schedule, new people and new sphere of business. The organisation specialises on selling and renting construction equipment. That realm seemed interesting for me, therefore, I was happy to work there and to get know the industry better.

As I have already mentioned, I was a trainee in the Sales Department that aimed to boost sales. It was great that I was there on the time of that campaign because I could even participate in designing the strategy. For example, in the office we were allocating products from the organisation’s portfolio that will be included in new brochures dedicated to customers, pictures, style and many more. I was ordered to contact partners and analysing printing houses’ services. I have visited them to negotiate details of our company order and, undoubtedly, called them and contacted vie email. As another example, I had to design and write promotional posts in social media. It was a really new thing for me, it made me find extra information about SMM. I suppose that it allowed me to be more prepared and become more excited for upcoming courses at JAMK.

As for advices, I would recommend to all to be an active person from the very first days of working. Everyone values interested workers, the ones who want to learn and bring benefits. Do not hesitate to ask more experienced colleagues, and, there is no doubt that if you do a work, do it honestly.

I spent my first training in my home country, in Russia. I believe that it was better for my adaption and for a first working. Next time I am planning to go somewhere else, preferably in the same industry as I had, however, we never know what will happen and I would be to glad to try myself in something new.

All the best,