Practical training blog post by Saara Valkeinen

Procemex Oy

I did my practical training in an international, Jyväskylä based company, Procemex Oy. Procemex is the world leader in web inspection, web break monitoring, and machine vision applications for pulp paper, and print industries. The company is specialized in designing and manufacturing smart camera and lightning solutions for web monitoring and web inspection. Procemex hires around 70 experts around the world. The company has two offices in Finland, the head office in Jyväskylä, Jyskä and another in Tampere. Along this it has offices in USA, Germany, and Japan.

I was working in order processing and export shipping. Basically, I processed the incoming spare part orders, sent the work orders to the production, prepared shipping documents, sent the packed product, and lastly invoiced the customer. Along this, I was in contact with the customers and our agents all around the world throughout this process via email and phone. Besides the spare part sales, I was playing a part in service sales, when customers sent us a defective spare part back for fixing.

Before this summer I had no knowledge based on my studies or experience about any of the tasks I daily did in the work. I found it extremely interesting to challenge myself to learn more, see how an international company runs, and learn the process on how the customer receives the product after sending an order. This summer opened my eyes for the different job opportunities inside the company, and made me interested on studying more about logistics, purchasing, and selling.

Author: Saara Valkeinen