Service Specialist

Whilst scrolling in LinkedIn I came across an interesting open job position by Rainmaker Customer Experiences Oy. Rainmaker is the biggest outsourcing company in Finland when it comes to services such as Sales and Client support. Needless to say, I applied right away as I noticed that this specific job was a great opportunity to get real hands on experience in the field of customer support and sales.

My title was known as a Service Specialist, individuals working as a Service specialist typically master a subniche within a broader field. In my instance I was working as a service specialist for Elisa (A Finnish telecommunication company). The particular sphere I worked in was tailored for corporation and entrepreneur clients only.

The nature of the work was such that there was not much room for error, considering that you have to manage and work with classified information. Typical workdays consisted of managing business client’s mobile subscriptions, adjusting billing systems when need be, and providing all around assistance in the forms of specific information and hotfixes.

Now after having worked with hundreds of different business clients, I’ve acquired extremely valuable experience regarding not only the telecommunications services, but also about how one should conduct oneself when it comes to providing excellent customer support in business to business contexts.

Time flew extremely fast and it was truly a pleasant environment to learn and work in due to great peer support and a very helpful management team.

Author: Koivusalo Samuli