PT blog post 1 by Fareniuk Anastasiia

I believe that every work experience has its worth and leads to further development as an expert in any of the working spheres. As a student who wanted to get more working experience in sales, I’ve decided to do my practical training in my home town in a small local company as a shopping assistant and salesperson.

The company which I chose to do my practical training is called “Dari Schastie” which literally translates from Russian as “Give happiness”. The shop itself is located in my hometown Dmitrov, Russia and it specialises on selling multiple things like: stationery, cups, gift boxes, skincare products, postcards, candles and lots of other similar things. It can be also called as a gift shop.

Working in “Dari Schastie” was a very interesting experience and I learned a few important things while doing my practical training there. As I’ve mentioned before, I was working as a salesperson (shopping assistant), so was working directly with the customers, I helped them with choosing a present or a needed product, was consulting them on the availability of the products and answered all of their questions. Moreover, I had a few extra tasks like: taking pictures for the company’s social media account, online customer consulting, I was putting together gift boxes (suitable for a specific person, occasion and etc.) online and offline.

This practical training taught me to understand how to work with different kinds of clients, improved my creative thinking, ability to be a good listener, stress-resistance, making decisions fast and take actions fast. I’m very glad that I did this practical training and I think that all of the skills that I got and improved while working there will help me a lot in my future career.

Author: Fareniuk Anastasiia