PT blog post 2 by Fareniuk Anastasiia

After finishing another semester o studies in Finland I came to my hometown with an idea that I want to get a bit more work experience, and I thought about trying to do my practical training right in my hometown, where I already did it before, but this time in a different company.

I found a small local shop which was in the industry of clothing and accessories and did my 3-month practical training there. The experience was challenging but interesting at the same time. I really liked working there because there was a lot of direct interactions with the customers. I was working for an entrepreneur and was a shopping assistant. I was helping customers to choose the products, the right size, oriented them about the size range and product availability.

I learned how to work with customers with very different age groups (children, adults, older people), multitasking and working with a few customers at the same time (which happens quite often in small local shops like this). I also think that my problem solving and stress-resistance skills enhanced a lot because of the new experiences I got while doing this practical training.

I think that working with people is always something that gives you a lot of new experience, new skills and every time there are new things to learn. This also gives some feedback on yourself and helps understand what to improve and what is okay. I believe that skills that I acquired are going to help me a lot in my working life.


Author: Fareniuk Anastasiia